Ye Olde Stuff

De Piel Sessies
December 1990
  1. The Pitiful Mosquito
  2. Ainam Elmas
  3. A Sample of Mania
  4. Hang
Equipment: Farfisa Synthorchestra, Tyzack VSD, Yamaha DD-10, Yamaha SHS-10, Casio SK-1, Acorn Atom, Casia DR-01.
January 1990



Live at Kotterstraat Odeon - 27 May 1989
May 1989
  1. Introduction
  2. Weirdomeev
  3. Conga All Night
  4. (break)
  5. Sampled Mania
  6. Blue Monday (hallo?)
Equipment: Tyzack 64M, Tyzack 48T, Casio SK-1, Yamaha RX17, phaser.
30 March 1989
  1. Nice Try
  2. Ashit
  3. Weirdomeev
  4. Sampled Mania
  5. G.J.B.
  6. Body to Body
Equipment: Tyzack 64M, Casio SK-1, Boss DR-220E, phaser, Realistic reverb mic.
1,2,3 januari 1989
January 1989
  1. Texels Volkslied
  2. Duitse Invasie
  3. WYHIWYG mix
  4. Texels Volkslied test-test
Equipment: Tyzack 64M, Casio SK-1, Boss DR-220E

Things you don't want to have on CD

The Definition of Decadence
A collection of all of the above on 1 CD
Casia CD-01

Trixy For The Masses
Kras / Techo / 921028 en 921104 / Emiëriemaniernachaf / Just CAN get enough / Tussenstukje 1 / Commercie 2 v1.4 / Tussenstukje 2 / Grungemix / Just mineur / Happy? / Techno 2 / Braincoredumped / Fly '94 (silent mix)
August 1999
Casia CD-02

Rare stuff

A number of undocumented Sample Mania recordings exist. More of these might surface as downloads here one day. To this date the following have been found:

Sample Mania on MTV

Somewhere in the distant past (1990 or 1991?), Sample Mania managed to appear on MTV Europe. This mania has been sampled and is available as MP3. It features some Tyzack VSD madness with randomly pitched and chopped samples.

Audio copyright Sample Mania / Casia Music, Inc., apart from the MTV excerpt which is probably © MTV or © Ray Cokes.
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